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Copying WordPress theme customisations to a child theme

If you make changes to the appearance of the theme on your WordPress site and then find that you can’t edit what you need using the built-in tools, it may be time to swap to a child theme.

A child theme allows you to modify as little or as much as you need, without affecting the parent (original) theme and also makes updating the theme easier.

However, if you go ahead and create a child theme after you’ve already customised the appearance of the parent theme, you’ll find that all your customisations are lost.

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Script to check directory for changed or missing files

This script was needed to monitor product images on a Magento 2 store. We noticed that sometimes after importing product updates, images which had been working were now missing.

The Magento products were imported using a custom extension from a CSV file which included fields for product images. Images specified in the CSV fields needed to be uploaded to a staging folder on the website so the import process could find and move them to the correct path for Magento to use.

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Using WMI filters with Group Policy

Sometimes you need to apply a group policy to an OU but prevent that same policy from applying to certain machines in the OU. Rather than creating child OUs, you could use a WMI filter. Note however that there are performance penalties…

Group Policy OUs

For instance, you might need to apply a group policy which installs the 64 bit version of the Windows Management Framework to the PCs OU. This will be fine for most PCs in that OU, but maybe there are some older 32 bit Windows 7 PCs in the OU which would cause the 64 bit installer to fail.

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Windows 10 slow to boot and devices fail to start

On a new laptop running Windows 10, 1809, I experienced an issue that caused the boot time to increase to over 5 minutes. After the boot process eventually finished, many devices were not working correctly.

For example, I found:

  • no Wi-Fi networks showing in the list before logging on
  • the fingerprint scanner is not working
  • after logging in, you can’t enter any text in the search bar or Windows app store apps
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Reset VSS writers

Sometimes a VSS writer stops working and this can usually be seen in the logs of a failed backup job.

You can check which VSS writer is in a failed state by running the command vssadmin list writers

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